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Book Review: Dial A for Aunties

Title: Dial A for Aunties Author: Jesse Q. Sutanto Release Date: April 27, 2021 Genre: Chick lit, mystery, thriller, women's fiction, and lots and lots of humour

Meddelin Chan aka Meddy is the youngest daughter of a Chinese-Indo family in California. Her family, now comprising entirely of ladies only (the men of the family have all inexplicably disappeared at some point), consists of her mother and her three aunts. They are together in all joys and sorrows but of course, there are some deadly side eyes and killer glares that pass between them frequently. They run a family business that involves different aspects of wedding preparations.

Meddy is often overruled by her mother and aunts in nearly all aspects of her life. That's how she ends up with a blind date her mother set up for her.

All is well until Meddy accidentally kills him.

Then begins a comic caper feat. Meddy, her crazy mother, and even crazier aunts. They have to dispose off the body without anyone getting the wiser. To make matters worse, they have a big wedding event on an island. Will they be able to get rid of the body? Or will they get caught while Second Aunt is busy doing Tai Chi for her blood pressure?

Within the first ten pages, I was laughing - literally laughing. Not making a poker face while saying I was laughing. I knew then that I was going to love this book. Also, I finished the book in a record two days, something unmanageable for me nowadays.

As an Indian with a very meddlesome family on both my side and my husband's side, I could relate to the Asian way of upbringing mentioned in the book. Though, I'm not sure I'd confide in my mother if I murdered someone

A solid 5 stars for this laugh riot!

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