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Some books need time. You cannot read them in one night. Every word of the book invokes a series of emotions in the reader’s mind. It questions your beliefs & concepts and changes your perception of the world. Crescendo is one such book!

The story revolves around a woman, Aria, who loses her husband in a fire and soon after loses her unborn child too. All she is left with is her beloved mare and an endless feeling of grief and despair. In her sorrow, she starts an aimless journey wandering through forests. As the story progresses, Aria has encounters with Death and souls and entities from the spiritual realm. They teach her how a soul never dies. She has visions from her past and future lives which make her understand that souls leave the earthly world for a better and higher purpose. This acceptance finally allows her to let go of her guilt and sadness. She understands that all that she went through was to make her soul learn and reach a higher spiritual level.

The writing is poetic. The concepts are magical. And the book is unique. It throws light on philosophy and spirituality in an entirely different way. It is certainly dense but totally worth it!

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