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Book Review - BREATHLESS

Updated: May 4, 2021

A Book Review - BREATHLESS

What do you do when your whole life is turned up-side down?

- The family you deemed perfect no longer exists.

- The plans you made are now fruitless.

- A friend you thought would be with you forever seems to be moving away from you.

- And in all this mess, you are sent to a faraway island to spend the whole of summer!

This is what happens to Claude, a teenage girl whose life suddenly seems shattered. She finds herself in a remote island where she is to spend the summer with her mother. Amidst a whirlpool of emotions, she meets someone who will change her forever.

The story is set on an island and gives the reader the experience of exquisite landscapes. In such a beautiful setting, Claude & Jeremiah begin a journey that they both know can only last the summer. They promise not to fall in love, but will their little adventures together make this possible?

This is a simple tale of romance whilst trying to reach the periphery of teenage issues. I would consider it to be a very casual read over the lazy summer afternoons.

Here are few lines that I loved –

Here we laughed. Here we fought. Here we loved and dreamed. Here is where the first brick fell. Here is where the floor disappeared. Here is where I built a new one underneath my feet.

And here is where I began.

Rating - 3/5

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