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Behind the Words

Bookoholics – Chat- meet – read - repeat!
Welcome to Bookoholics Book Club !!!
When two artists come together , a new masterpiece happens .. when two thinkers come together philosophy happens and when two book lovers come together "Bookoholics' happens .
The idea was to have a community based on mutual interest of reading , where people would not only share ideas about books but feel a sense of belonging to.
A community which is full of inclusive, mature and warm people.
As every journey starts with a small yet confident step, we started Bookoholics on 28 August 2016 with only about 8-10 people in the group .
From the very beginning, our goal was to Exchange books with each other and then the idea of meet ups happened.
Out 1st Meetup was on 20th September 2016 at Café ABC, Balewadi, with just 5 members. We exchanged some books and chatted about some more.
It was just us, women, in the beginning. But then, like yin needs yang, we realized that we needed to bring a balance to the group. And then we also didn't want to be labeled as a gender biased group.
Naturally, men came to be a part of Bookoholics on 19th August 2017 at our tenth meetup.
This meet up also saw the start of something that we call an "Author Connect" with Author Samrat Rahi as the first one in the group . The next meet saw Vikash Sharma talking about his book with us. It's been amazing to be able to look at a book directly through the author's eyes. Also we wanted to help the authors in any small way that we could. As a result today we have some very talented published writers in the group.
The last meet of 2017, our Fourteenth, on 16th Dec, was held at Sambhaji Garden on JM road. The greenery and books combined proved rejuvenating for our souls.
The meets get overwhelming with like minded people mingling, talking about books, exchanging books, listening to authors, listening to avid readers, and winning multiple lucky draws.
We also keep our whatsapp and fac3book groups active with discussions and activities happening from time to time.
Year 2018 saw a lot of new members coming together for their love of books. Today we have more than 200 members on Whatsapp and 950+ on Facebook.
And we are still growing!
We believe in Chat Meet Read Repeat, our motto that was incidentally created by a group member.
Articles about us have been published on LBB, Whatshot in pune, twice in the TOI and on Creme Magazine.
With this, we wish a very Happy 2nd Birthday to Bookoholics. And hope there's many many more to come.
And lastly thank you to eachone of you for getting Bookoholics this far.

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