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A Young Man with a Notebook


Bookoholics Book Club and First Forays Literary Agency are happy to collaborate in a new initiative related to books.

Our first initiative is a short story contest. Anyone with a story to tell can participate.


  1. Send in your stories to by 30th June 2021. You can send more than one entry but each one needs to be separately registered.

  2. No more than 5000 words

  3. Opt for any genre (mention it with the submission)

  4. Original work, not published anywhere earlier

  5. Check for updates on Instagram #first_forays #bookoholicsbookclub and on Facebook @firstforays @bookoholicsbookclub

  6. Choose from either of the prompts below-

    1. Indira’s earliest memory was of the time the water came into the house and they had to flee the village in the dead of the night.

    2. A police van drives by the cafe in a sleepy neighborhood. Hardly anyone looks up from their evening coffee even as the police barge into the cafe – except for four of them. Each with a terrible secret to hide. Four brains working frantically on an escape plan.

  7. The prompt can appear anywhere in the first paragraph.

  8. For direct bank transfer please email as No. 1 above.

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